I2R are now certified Ignition SCADA integrators!

August 2018

I2R are now Ignition SCADA Certified Integrator. We support many different SCADA platforms across a wide range of industries and market segments.

Ignition expands the definition of ‘supervisory control and data acquisition’ to encompass the entire enterprise, and it puts 'control' back into the user's hands. From the software itself to the support behind it, everything about Ignition is focused on creating the best possible user experience in the industrial software industry today.

Ignition redefines SCADA for the 21st century (web-deployable, unlimited connections, SQL database support, real-time monitoring & control, and more). It leverages trusted IT standards and cutting edge web technologies to create a unified software solution to fulfill the SCADA, HMI, and MES application needs of companies both big and small.

As of this year, 20% of Fortune 500 and 27% of Fortune 100 companies use Inductive Automation software to build HMI, SCADA and MES systems. The Ignition software platform has tens of thousands of installations in more than 80 countries, and is supported by over 800 integrators around the world. Inductive Automation software is used in virtually every industry.

For further information on the features of Ignition and solutions I2R can provide for your company, please call 02 6964 4434 or email sales@i2rgroup.com.au