Irrigation Automation

We can deliver sizeable improvements for larger farming operations around water management by creating a fully visible irrigation network with control in critical places, eliminating large travelling distances for farm managers.

The solution provided by the I2R Group allows multiple levels of the business monitor live data of the irrigation system and can integrate existing processes through web interfaces, reducing the need for custom programming.  Water efficiency increases, however more importantly labour utilisation is dramatically improved allowing staff to focus on tasks which cannot be automated.

Streamline Operations

We’ve worked with feedlots and dairy operations so that they can streamline their operations to generate even greater efficiencies and have experience with silo management, the control and monitoring of effluent plants and pump and fertiliser control systems.

If you have a large scale agricultural operation, a sizeable irrigated cropping operation or a related processing facility, I2R Group will improve your productivity while shaving costs at the same time.