Preventative and reactive breakdown serviCE

Between I2R Group team members we have 30 years’ experience in this sector.

Our service manager fine-tuned his project management and contractor management skills in the meat processing sector working for several major providers in this space. We are aware of the challenges and more common operational issues frequently encountered by meat processors.

We have a dedicated service team for automation and electrical servicing for the meat processing sector. Our expertise and service capability extend across all areas - from the kill floor through to boning, packing, chillers, out-loading and the rendering plant.

We develop strategic relationships with our clients so we are acutely aware of any budgetary constraints and operational issues that may inhibit an effective outcome and we work closely with them to ensure they get the very best result for the very best price.

As with our clients in the wine industry and food production, we promote service level agreements between our key business partners because we have found they allow for more predictable and consistent outcomes.

Automation & Control Solutions

Because we know this industry very well we understand the challenges and we have the solutions for many of the opportunities in efficiency and effectiveness that abattoirs experience on a day-to-day basis. We always consider the return on investments and lifetime cost to the business before we recommend solutions.

We specialise in delivering PLC platform upgrades and SCADA upgrades to deliver real time feedback on process and control. I2R Group has also designed and produced safety control systems and ammonia detection systems, production efficiency screens utilising the very latest in visualisation technology.

We’ve also coordinated the installation, control and SCADA integration for hide puller system as well as centrifuge systems and conveyer systems for boning, offal and packing room operations and a finished product distribution system to manage labelling and palletising.

From a packing perspective we’ve designed and installed automated distribution systems for finished product. We also have a proven track record in implementing hot and cold water reticulation systems.

Plant Upgrades

We specialise in ensuring our clients in the meat processing sector have the correct power systems in place so they have enough power to meet peak demand without the expense of major upgrades as they grow. Whether it’s power correcting, switchboard maintenance or uninterrupted power supply (UPS), I2R Group has the experience to make sure you get the very best solution, delivered by industry experts at a very sharp price.

I2R Group have the capacity to project manage upgrades to core operations, including hide pullers and decanter processes.  Projects can be small or large and I2R can be the principle contractor overseeing the full project design and delivery or a key player in the automation and control space.

SCADA Upgrade - JBS (Riverina Beef & Feedlot)


A complete audit of their existing wireless and SCADA infrastructure resulting in an entire system upgrade to the SCADA and Wireless network.

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