Preventative and reactive breakdown serviCE

Most of the senior team members in our business started their career in wineries so we know all there is to know about cellar and bottling operations.

We’ve ensured the success of countless vintages and we are sensitive to the time-critical procedures in the wine industry, which is why we have a dedicated service team to manage automation and electrical servicing for the wine sector.

With wineries, we have a proven track record of developing strategic working relationships. We always consider budgetary constraints and operational effectiveness when we are scheduling service or attending a breakdowns.

While we always do whatever it takes to ensure winery operations are never compromised, we offer service level agreements (SLA’s) to our wine sector customers which delivers predictable and consistent outcomes.

Automation & Control Solutions

We know this industry very well, we understand both the seasonal and day-to-day challenges that wineries constantly deal with. We have first-hand experience in observing the benefits of systems integration, increased control and visibility and automating procedures to free up resources, save time and oversee quality control.

We always consider the return on investments and lifetime cost to the business before we recommend a solution. This often starts with a complete supply chain review and then a more detailed analysis of the most critical tasks to avoid excessive waste, rework, missed deadlines or compromised workplace health and safety.

We specialise in delivering complete wine delivery solutions from finished wine tanks to the product delivery line.  Automated CIP and integrity tests allows for complete automation across the entire system. Our implementations include the management of the filtration and a delivery system to create visibility to all levels of the business, reduce mistakes and maximise plant availability.

All I2R Group solutions are built with standard off-the-shelf automation equipment from Rockwell Automation. Both hardware and software are based on open standards and equipment to allow for easy replacement and upgrades in the future.

System sequences are programmed using Sequential Function Charts allowing for easy visual identification and diagnostics of the process. HMI’s are carefully designed to be both easy to use and informative; ensuring that even in the middle of the night, operators can easily monitor and control the system.

We’ve automated Clean in Place (CIP) procedures so that this can be monitored remotely and will free up skilled operators who are normally required to complete this task. Ultimately this allows some operations to CIP overnight with out the need for operator intervention.  We also specialise in cross-flow visualisation on IgnitionSCADA to deliver real time feedback on process and control.

In the Bottling Plant, I2R Group has designed and manufactured an automated cap inspection system capable of integrating into existing bottling line rejection systems. This is a low cost, high speed system capable of checking over 20,000 bottles per hour.

We also plan and deliver information display board systems for monitoring, production runs, refrigeration upgrades and controls, ethanol pump control, barcode scanners, bottle control systems and on-site waste water systems.  Essentially our SCADA solutions provide the right information to the right person at the right time for the right decision to be made.

Electrical Installations

I2R Group has significant experience in ensuring wine making facilities have the most effective and reliable power source. We are experts at ensuring a winery has the correct power systems in place so they have enough power to meet peak demand without the expense of major upgrades as they grow. From site power upgrades through to tank farm electrical installations and controls, bottling line electrical services and refrigeration related power supply, we have your winery operations covered. And our services extend to audits and power management.

In 2017, one of our clients was told by an electrical contractor that they needed a site power upgrade to ensure supply during the harvest season and over the hot summer months. I2R Group implemented a monitoring program that carefully analysed consumption across the business over an extended period and then put in place to control loads to ensure that supply would never be compromised. This consultation saved the customer $450,000 on this potential capital expense!

Project Management & ExecutioN

We are expert project managers, delivering small through to multi-million dollar solutions. Our strength is that we enable the client to continue running their business as usual, while we plan, install and commission a project that seamlessly integrates with the existing operations. I2R Group manage all facets of the project, working closely with the client to get the best outcome. This includes planning, design, procurement, installation, managing sub-contractors, test and commission.

Install & Commission – Calabria Family Wines

Installation of a complete used bottling line comprising over 15 fully integrated machines and measuring over 200m in length

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