Delivering Water and Waste Water Projects

I2R Group has had great success delivering water and waste water projects to both private sector and government customers throughout NSW and Victoria. Our team has a wealth of knowledge in this area and offer some of the most intelligent, dynamic solutions on the market today.

From implementing pump control on some of the largest bores in the southern NSW to refitting aged pump stations in the Gippsland region, I2R Group is quickly being recognised as a market leader in pump control innovation.

The innovative work we do in this space includes integrating diesel driven pumps with fully automated pump stations and very clever, cost effective integration with PV solar systems allowing autonomous control of water and waste water plant.

Some of our most notable projects include:

  • Moxey Farms Effluent Management System - Cowra, NSW
  • 200KW Pump Testing Station - Griffith, NSW
  • Upgrades to full VSD control at largest single grape vineyard – Hanwood, NSW
  • Major project with local Shire Council involving 40+ different sites – Leeton, NSW

Delivering Water and Waste Water Projects

I2R Group delivered a system for Leeton Council that allows the Engineering team to observe and assess asset performance before leaving the depot, reducing downtime and costly return trips. I2R Group delivered a solution that upgraded the electrical switchboards and then integrated the hardware with the latest technology that includes:

  • Remote resettable DOL Starters and VSDs, preventing the need for operators to attend the site to reset pumps during the night and on weekends.
  • Surge protection which helps protect the board from power spikes and lightning strikes.
  • Remote resettable fuses for analog and digital signals.
  • SCADAPack with HMI Interface at the board providing detailed information for operators to find faults and monitor pump performance. The HMI has security access that allows for a hierarchy of control for different levels of authority including external contractor
  • Intrusion monitoring on the panel doors, which can then be linked to CCTV cameras and overhead street lamps, that are also integrated into the ClearSCADA platform.
  • WIFI communications back to ClearSCADA allowing for high volume data transfer and control capability.
  • A solution for monitoring chemical dosing drum levels, eliminating the need to physically conduct a weekly drum check saving a round trip of over 100km per week.
  • Integrated generator input socket so that there is no need to engage a qualified electrician if the power drops out for any reason.
  • ClearSCADA reporting which monitors all aspects of the network, provides all pump levels across the network and enabling different pumping strategies in off-peak times.
  • Compliance and EPA as well as operational reports have been created in ClearSCADA providing real time and historical reports at the touch of a button.
  • A dashboard was created in ClearSCADA providing high level KPI data to key stakeholders on their own console, available exactly when and where they need it.

The old infrastructure has been replaced at each site with special consideration given to eliminating faults and minimise disruption to the network. The core operating platform is essentially modular and completely scalable.  The solution is applicable to almost every council and can incorporate existing systems such as weather stations, sprinkler networks, solar lighting and building security.

Leeton Shire Council Waste Water Network

Local Government

We were engaged by Leeton Shire Council to upgrade the control network for their Water and Waste Water infrastructure incorporating 3 water supply systems, 3 sewage plants and 40 pump stations.

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