I2R Group is a leader in Automation and Systems Integration

We have a wide range of experience in Programmable Logic Controllers, Programmable Automation Controllers, Human Machine Interfaces, SCADA Packages and Manufacturing Execution Systems.

We have extensive support for the following brands of PLC's:

Rockwell Automation
B & R Automation
Schneider Electric
Mitsubishi Electric

We support the following SCADA and HMI packages:

Ignition SCADA
Rockwell FactoryTalk View
Siemens WinCC


We work hard to stay in front of the pack.

Using pre-made and custom-made objects, we create clean, clear and reusable programming instructions that link to graphical faceplates which provides a seamless bridge between the program and the operator interfaces. This allows for rapid development and modifications, regardless if the block is used two times or 200 times.

What’s often seen as nice-to-have or non-standard functionality such as run hours, valve statistics and scaling are “out of the box” as is a full suite of maintenance functions on each device which ensures basic troubleshooting can be completed directly from the HMI.

We insist on delivering clear, fully documented program code and, if a customer has a specific style or graphic set they wish to use, we can easily integrate it into our design. All inputs, outputs and other temporary or internal tags either have concise, easy to interpret comments or descriptive names to ensure error free programming and troubleshooting.

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