Client's Challenge

I2R recently finalised a project at JBS Beef City Feedlot in Toowoomba. Facing outdated controls and inefficient power distribution systems, JBS Beef City encountered operational inefficiencies, safety concerns, and rising maintenance costs. In response, they tasked I2R with upgrading the MCC and enhancing the overall control room to boost operational effectiveness throughout the facility.


Our solution involved upgrading the control systems at JBS Beef City Feedlot. We relocated the controls to a new MCC panel in a new switch room and modernised the motor starters with VSDs and E300 electronic overloads. 

We installed a new PLC IO section alongside the existing infrastructure, which integrated field IO and safety devices. To ensure safety, we conducted a HAZOP analysis. During a planned shutdown, we installed QuFlex and MCCs for roller mill motors. We meticulously tested and wired Safe Torque Off Circuits to VSDs for safe operation.

Optimising Industrial Control Systems for JBS Beef City Feedlot »
Isolating the MSB

A shutdown day was required to isolate the MSB, facilitating the installation of the QuFlex and MCCs for the 4 x roller mill motors.

The QuFlex was mounted directly to the MSB’s busbars, necessitating the isolation of the entire Feedmill.

During the shutdown, access to the unpowered MCC enabled the installation of the E300s onto the existing bus rails and motor protection devices for the remaining motors.

Optimising Industrial Control Systems for JBS Beef City Feedlot »

  • Installation of QuFlex from busbar to 4 MCCBs.
  • Mounting 4 x MCCBs.
  • Ensuring each section with the MCCB maintained its form rating by installing perspex and bakelite where required.
  • Testing and verification of MCCB installation.
  • Installation of the additional control panel.
  • Installation and labelling of the control wiring to the VSDs and E300s.
  • Wiring of Safe Torque Off Circuits to VSDs.

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Optimising Industrial Control Systems for JBS Beef City Feedlot

March 4, 2024