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Building Relationships that Guarantee Success

Since 2013 we've helped a wide array of businesses improve efficiencies around automation and control saving significant time and money.

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Control and Automation

We have broad expertise with a wide variety of PLC, SCADA and manufacturing execution systems which makes us an invaluable supplier for your business.

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Leeton Shire Council Waste Water Network

We were engaged by Leeton Shire Council to upgrade the control network for their Water and Waste Water infrastructure incorporating 3 water supply systems, 3 sewage plants and 40 pump stations.

Local Government
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Freedom Foods
Wicked Sister Fine Foods
Birch & Waite
Leeton Shire Council
Carathool Shire Council
Warburn Estate
Calabria Family Wines
Dee Vine Estate
Berton Vineyards


We were engaged by Leeton Shire Council to upgrade the control network for their Water and Waste Water infrastructure incorporating 3 water supply systems, 3 sewage plants and 40 pump stations.

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Wine Industry

We’ve ensured the success of countless vintages and we are sensitive to the time-critical procedures in the wine industry which is why we have a dedicated service team to manage automation and electrical servicing for the wine sector.


Between I2R Group team members we have 30 years’ experience in this sector. Our expertise and service capability extend across all areas - from the kill floor through to boning, packing, chillers, out-loading and the rendering plant.


Having worked with and managed installations for both micro and full-scale beer manufacturing plants, our experience covers the automation of a small malt germination plant to bottling lines that produce up to 6000 bottles per hour.

Dairy and Desserts

Our experience in food processing and manufacturing extends to niche sectors such as milk processing and dairy-based deserts. We recently delivered a turn-key control solution to a brown field deserts factory in south-west Sydney.

Plant Based Milks

Our ability to understand the requirements, challenges and risks associated with food processing recently to the construction of an almond milk facility which will soon produce almond meal, almond flour, almond butter and other almond products.

Cereal Processing

We’ve help food producers generate significant efficiencies, saving time and money across every aspect of their operations from grain storage and processing through to value-add products such as flour and ready-to-eat meals.

Water and Wastewater Electrical Boards

From implementing pump control on some of the largest bores in the southern NSW to refitting aged pump stations in the Gippsland region, I2R Group is quickly being recognised as a market leader in pump control innovation.


We have extensive experience integrating SCADA systems with Human Management Interface software especially with Clean Water and Waste Water Management, Irrigation Management, Building Management and Asset Management.


Once you have the right systems in place it makes perfect sense to ensure you can monitor your assets easily and effectively. We are experts in setting up the communications with the asset and between panels. 

Irrigation Networks

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Silo Management

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What our customer's say

We were after a local business that could help support a heavily automated process in regards to both maintenance and process improvements. Initially we called on I2R to help us out on a few challenges we were having with a new production line not performing to spec and some European machinery for which we were unable to get immediate, Australian-based OEM support and they were very responsive and effective. Since then, we have called on them regularly to assist us with various installation projects, breakdowns and maintenance. I’ve been an industrial electrician for over 20 years and I’m yet to come across a regionally based business that has the technical knowledge of I2R. Matthew Quarisa is one of the best Electrical Engineers I’ve ever worked with.
David Meline
Senior Electrical Manager
I2R Group help us with industrial electrical work across our entire site but particularly with our bottling lines to ensure they are always working at their very best. They have been working with us for over three years now and are extremely attentive and very thorough. They are definitely the first people I’d call when it comes to electrical work and our businesses have established a very positive working relationship.
Rodney Armanini
Maintenance Manager
A few years back we heard there was a business in town that knew PLC’s very well and had specific experience with the Siemens brand. I met Donavan Colpo and Matthew Quarisa and was very impressed at the level of experience and knowledge they have in this area. They really do have a huge knowledge base and offer practical and realistic solutions to the problems we ask them to help us with. Because many of the team at I2R Group started off in the wine industry they have an appreciation of the challenges and an understanding of best practice. From a delivery perceptive, they are very thorough and prompt with their planning, estimating and execution – they always see a job right through to the end and follow up to ensure everything is working well . They really are the whole package.
Bryan Mahlknecht
Packaging Engineer
Warburn Estate was a foundation client of I2R Group. Donavan Colpo approached us several years back when he was just starting out and undertook some PLC related work when I was looking after the production lines. Not long after this, we installed a SCADA system which they assisted with and provided our team with quite a bit of training and technical advice around automation, PLC controls and SCADA. It was always our intention to implement and maintain our own systems but we need the help of I2R Group to help educate and enable us get us to that point. It worked very well for both parties at the time and I2R continue to us assist with project work and other technical support. We couldn’t be happier with their standard of work and the collaborative approach they always take. They are a very valued supplier to our business.
Matt Geltch
Strategic Manager

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