I2R Group have completed over 30 prefabricated switchrooms and associated control systems for Irribiz’s Corporate Ag customers across the country.

The projects include full process and automation control of some of the largest irrigation pump stations for permanent plantings in Australia.

Over the past 8 years, I2R Group have worked closely with Irribiz to developed a world leading, proprietary solution for control of these large irrigation pump stations.


Unlock the scalability in the manufacturing of containerised control rooms or “prefabricated switchrooms” for the Irrigation industry.


The experienced manufacturing team at I2R Group has enabled Irribiz to deliver the highest quality products with industry-leading solutions at volumes never seen before.

The I2R Group’s automation team offer unparalleled remote commissioning and post-project support to the Irribiz team, thereby providing an optimal service experience for their customers every day.


An unrestricted manufacturing capability in containerised irrigation pump station switchrooms (prefabricated switchrooms) complete with their world leading control system.

Irribiz Commisioning

Project images from Irribiz team.

I2R Prefabricated Switchrooms
Looking for ways to optimise your agricultural or food and beverage operations?

Our prefabricated switchrooms are designed to seamlessly integrate electrical and control systems, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. With our innovative switchroom solutions, you can take your operations to the next level and achieve greater productivity and profitability.

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Large Scale Irrigation Control Systems

August 15, 2023