Voyager Craft Malt has been the leading innovator of malting grain for the Craft Beer and Whisky industries in Australia for the past 10 years.
I2R Group has worked closely with Voyager to develop a fully automated process, allowing them to keep their overheads low and production running around the clock to meet the market demand.


Expand production output from 12 tonnes to 180 tonnes of batching capacity for greater productivity.


I2R Group’s unique process design, control and automation skill set enabled Voyager to develop their own intellectual property to malt grain in a fast and repeatable process.


Control and automation of two new 60 tonne Kilning Vessels, stepping tank and grain storage facility over two stages bringing the processing facility to a 120-tonne capability in 2022 with one stage remaining.

Voyager’s Process Design and Plant Upgrade

August 15, 2023