I2R Group was approached by one of the largest almond growers in Australia in 2018 to help realise their vision of constructing a “greenfield” purpose-built factory to produce a high-quality, high-protein almond milk with a minimum shelf life of 30 days – a real innovation for the industry as this would be achieved without Ultra High Temperature (UHT) pasteurisation.


Design, project manage, construct, and commission a “greenfield” factory scaled up from the customer’s proprietary intellectual property, which has been developed over a number of years at a bench-top scale.


I2R Group’s unique skillsets in process design, project management plus control and automation brought together the necessary stakeholders and engineers to design and construct a fully automated, state-of-the-art almond milk processing facility.


This 6,000-L/hr almond milk processing facility has the power to produce non-UHT almond milk that can be stored for over 30 days—allowing customers access to a longer shelf life.

Turnkey Almond Milk Factory

August 15, 2023