Automation and Network Architecture Audit

We offer comprehensive audits to assist you in identifying and resolving issues within your automation systems. Our goal is to deliver tailored solutions that precisely address your unique challenges.

When An Automation Audit Can Help:

Unreliable network causing loss of connections between machines, PLCs, and SCADA.

Dependency on outdated or complex technology.

Unresponsive or slow SCADA and control systems.

Cable disconnections disrupting entire processing disruption.

Server updates impacting automation network functionality.

Network latency affecting operational efficiency.

Our Automation Audit Process

What to Expect:

1. Site Audit
  • Conducted on site by our expert automation and electrical staff.
  • Mapping of all automation network devices.
  • Testing of network cables for length and connectivity.
  • Capturing results in a detailed plant layout and spreadsheet for IP addresses and Ethernet switch port configurations.
  • Provision of automation backups.
2. Report Creation
  • Construct the current network layout with accurate equipment lists.
  • Report on the current state of hardware and network based on the site audit.
  • Provide a comprehensive analysis of the identified options, and their potential impact.
  • Outline an estimation of costs for each option¬†to help you make an informed decision.¬†
3. Report presentation and review with customer

We will discuss the risks associated with the current network and automation architecture and present identified options to you.

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Network and Automation Audit »

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