At I2R, we take our customers’ satisfaction seriously.

A factory acceptance test (FAT) is essential to ensure that all requirements and specifications for a control system are met before it is installed on-site.

With an experienced team of engineers and technicians performing the FAT test, I2R can guarantee that each of our switchboards and control panels is functioning as expected, providing our customers with the assurance that their control system will work efficiently and reliably.

Our commitment to quality ensures that each of our customer’s requirements is met, providing a safe and reliable system for their business.

We delivered a cutting-edge automation and control system for a new conveying system in a beef processing plant in Brisbane. The new system is designed to increase throughput and accuracy at the plant, while also providing a safe and reliable working environment for employees.

Our FAT test was conducted in our Griffith workshop, before delivery and installation on-site in Brisbane. 

Ensuring quality with our Factory Acceptance Tests

November 30, 2022