Our team recently manufactured and installed a state-of-the-art MCC panel with the newest Allen Bradley PLC control system, as well as Ignition SCADA for an existing beef chilling process at a regional meat processing plant in Riverina. This cutting edge technology brought far superior results to their production line!

Our newly developed system was designed to upgrade the aging and unsupported assets with a modern control system in order to optimise the beef chilling process. By introducing a cutting-edge Ignition SCADA platform and optimising the process logic, we have been able to reduce downtime, improve visibility into operations and enhance overall process control.

Our highly experienced team worked on the key project requirements for the new MCC panel. Key deliverables include:

  • Process automation design
  • Electrical schematic drawings
  • Switchboard manufacture:
    • MCC (Motor Control Centres)
    • Installation of modernised electrical motor and circuit protection devices
    • Design & implementation of a new Ignition SCADA system.
    • Design & implementation of a new HMI system.
    • Design & implement a new Allen Bradley CompactLogix Control System.
    • Migration of existing SLC500 PLC logix to a new Logix5000 platform.
  • Scheduled plant shutdown
  • Scheduled MCC panel change over.


As a world-class provider of control and automation solutions, we are proud to be part of this project. We look forward to continuing to work with the company in the future and to helping them meet their goals.

Riverina Beef Chillers MCC Panel Upgrade

February 6, 2023