I2R has recently achieved remarkable success by successfully completing a project for our new client, BlastOne. This project encompassed process design, MCC manufacture, and seamless commissioning.

Client's Challenge

BlastOne provides high quality sandblasting and coating equipment to commercial contractors in a variety of industries.

The client’s goal was to build a fully functioning spray and blasting facility that met the requirements of their customer and the relevant Australian standards.

They contacted I2R as they needed a partner that knew how to bring function and control together. They also needed help in both selecting and sourcing the right materials to meet their tight deadline.

“I2R demonstrated exceptional communication skills throughout the project, which was especially crucial considering the tight timeframes we were working within.

Their proactive updates and clear lines of communication kept us informed every step of the way. I was relieved to see that the delivery of the MCC and its components was right on schedule. I2R’s commitment to timeliness played a significant role in our project’s success.”

– Trevor Seeweld, BlastOne

I2R Solution

Sourcing Hazardous Materials

Hazardous area materials can be quite difficult to get in a short space of time. Our experience and industry connections, enabled us to source and obtain materials from a variety of suppliers to meet the tight schedule and Australian standards requirements.

Design & Manufacture

I2R delivered the Design and Manufacture of:
■ A fully functioning Motor Control Cubicle (MCC)
■ A fully functioning Hazardous Area Control Panel
This Included:
■ Detailed electrical schematics of the MCC design
■ Comprehensive Quality Checks following I-Auditor templates
■ A Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) specific to the project

Automation Design and Development of the Process:
■ Allen Bradley Compactlogix PPC to give the customer enhanced control.


■ Onsite commissioning (Ross Island Barracks – Townsville)
■ Onsite commissioning to support the start-up of the facility
■ Remote Automation Support


“What truly set I2R apart was the remarkable technical knowledge displayed by their team on-site during the commissioning of our system. Without their expertise, I honestly don’t think our system would have been commissioned and up and running.

Their deep understanding of the intricacies of the system, combined with their hands-on approach, ensured a smooth commissioning process. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I2R was the linchpin in this phase of our project. I’m thoroughly impressed and grateful for their contributions.

– Trevor Seeweld, BlastOne

I2R Provide MCC and Hazardous Control Panel Solutions for BlastOne »
Project Timeline

The project spanned 11 weeks in total, encompassing the entire completion timeline along with the delivery of all required components to the site.

A 2-week period was allocated specifically for the construction of the MCC (Motor Control Center), ensuring a focused and efficient approach to this crucial aspect of the project.

Project Management

To ensure BlastOne’s team had confidence and clarity in I2R’s ability to meet the project schedule, we provided a weekly one page update to detail our progress.

These updates provided real project photos along with a detailed overview of key stages of work including:
– highlights and challenges, 
– process completion outline with completion percentages and
– scheduled milestones with planned and actual dates.

I2R Provide MCC and Hazardous Control Panel Solutions for BlastOne »

Effective communication is essential for successful project management, and this proved to be a key reason the BlastOne team enjoyed working with us.

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I2R Provide MCC and Hazardous Control Panel Solutions for BlastOne »
Motor Control Cubical (MCC)
I2R Provide MCC and Hazardous Control Panel Solutions for BlastOne »
Hazardous Area Control Panel
I2R Provide MCC and Hazardous Control Panel Solutions for BlastOne »
Detailed Schematics

I2R Provide MCC and Hazardous Control Panel Solutions for BlastOne

August 24, 2023