Client's Challenge

JBS abattoir in Brooklyn encountered issues with an outdated MCC controlling essential cryovac vacuum pumps. Over the years, the MCC had undergone multiple modifications, resulting in an inefficient system. Additionally, the automation hardware was antiquated and none of the pumps had the necessary remote monitoring required for efficient maintenance and troubleshoot. The site Engineering Manager and maintenance team recognised the need for an upgrade to address these issues.


The old MCC was replaced with a new stainless-steel enclosure, featuring a Compact Guardlogix PLC and an Advantech HMI for enhanced real-time monitoring and control of vacuum pump motors. New electrical schematics and SCADA pages were also developed for easy troubleshooting and increased monitoring capabilities. The new switchboard was thoroughly tested and validated for seamless changeover and efficient operation.

“I2R facilitated one of the most seamless transitions I’ve ever seen.”

– Kevin Lau
JBS Brooklyn

Results: Comprehensive Monitoring and Improved Efficiency

The upgraded system at JBS enables comprehensive monitoring of vacuum pumps through Ignition for streamlined maintenance, monitoring and control of the process. New electrical schematics enhance troubleshooting capabilities, and the updated hardware is more efficient due to the removal of redundant elements and programming.

Revolutionising Operations: JBS Brooklyn's Switchboard Upgrade »
Revolutionising Operations: JBS Brooklyn's Switchboard Upgrade »
The Process
Onsite Electrical Investigation

We upgraded the old MCC by identifying and removing redundant parts while retaining its essential functions. To do this, we conducted an on-site audit to understand what was being controlled and how. Once we knew what equipment was needed, we presented a detailed turnkey solution that fixed all the pain points with the old system.

Streamlining Control with a New PLC and SCADA System

The next step was to develop and manufacture a new dedicated MCC, PLC, and SCADA system to integrate and streamline operations within the JBS network.

Enhanced Maintenance Control for Pumps

The third step involved adding monitoring features to the existing pumps, as well as a manual control mechanism for maintenance purposes. These additions transformed the MCC from a passive system to an actively managed and responsive tool, which is in line with the latest industrial standards for maintenance and reliability.

Detailed Schematic Guide

Finally, the troubleshooting process was improved by creating detailed electrical schematics. These schematics provide step-by-step guides that explain the updated control panel’s details and assist the JBS team in quickly locating and addressing any issues.

Ensuring Safety and FAT Testing

To ensure the safety of both the equipment and the people working with the system, we completed an arc flash study and a comprehensive FAT Test upon finishing the new panel.

Onsite Installation and Site Acceptance Test

Understanding the importance of maintaining production, I2R worked with JBS production schedules to plan a changeover from the old system to the new system. With a detailed installation design and commissioning plan, our electrical and automation team delivered a seamless transition with no down time. 

Revolutionising Operations: JBS Brooklyn's Switchboard Upgrade »
Revolutionising Operations: JBS Brooklyn's Switchboard Upgrade »

– Improved Efficiency and Reliability
– Comprehensive Pump Monitoring


4 Months

Project Manager

Sebastian Zanotto
Project Manager
Mark Nardi 
Sales Manager

Revolutionising Operations: JBS Brooklyn’s Switchboard Upgrade

January 23, 2024