Client's Challenge

We recently completed a project with Andreazza Electrical for crucial upgrades to the Main Switch Board at Griffith Central Plaza. The project had a tight schedule as the work had to be done outside the operating hours of the shops while also ensuring that critical systems such as freezers and alarms were not impacted. 

Combining Meter Points

To streamline operations, the goal was to combine the two separate metering points into one. One meter would track energy usage at IGA (Fresh Mercato), while the other would monitor the rest of the plaza. This simplifies monitoring and management, streamlining energy tracking for enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


The solution includes taking out a busbar (a power distribution component) from the Incoming Main Switch’s load side and adding a new busbar to the IGA MCCB’s incoming power side. This modification allows the IGA (Fresh Mercato) to connect to a meter, simplifying the monitoring of its electricity usage.

Main Switchboard Modification for Griffith Central »

Thorough planning, generator rental, and workshop preparations preceded site visits ahead of the shutdown. These visits gathered critical information to prevent issues during the shutdown. This combination contributed to a seemless start up after 5-hour shutdown.

Results: Reduced Energy Expenses

By utilising just a single supply charge, the end-client achieved a significantly lower power bill . 


Reduced Energy Costs


5 Hours

Project Manager

Dean Spratt
Manufacturing Design & Procurement Manager

Main Switchboard Modification for Griffith Central

January 15, 2024