Client's Challenge

Due to the remote location our client, they couldn’t access mains power cost efficiently. We worked  closely with their project management team to design an off grid system to be able to run up to 2 generators at once, and have the option for a 3rd generator to be installed as a backup plan to ensure the plant maintained its 100% operation rate.

I2R Solution

In order to meet requirements, I2R designed and manufactured three switchboards for Stage 1 & 2 of this project:
• A 40ft / 12 metre prefabricated switchroom housing a 2000A Switchboard powered by up to 3 generators and 1 solar system. This switchboard will supply power to 4 separate switchrooms as part of a 5 year / 4 stage project.
• Additional 1200A main distribution board and switchroom to power the OEM MCC equipment
• Additional 800A switchboard designed to power the OEM MCC equipment for stage 2 of the project
• I2R is closely collaborating with the electrical team on-site to ensure optimal delivery and installation of the system, leveraging I2R’s manufacturing and delivery services.

2000A Switchboard
1200A Switchboard​​
800A Switchboard​​
Outcomes & Benefits

I2R’s solution ensures continuous operation of the plant’s 9 month processing program each year, eliminating downtime and achieving optimal efficiency and reliability.

Our customer has realised a significant reduction in capital expenditure to get this project off the ground by reducing the requirement for mains power infrastructure.

I2R's Capabilities

This project highlights I2R’s capabilities in providing reliable off grid solutions that help clients save money and time with efficient power solutions.

I2R can help you design, build, and install the perfect system for your business — no matter what industry or purpose you have in mind.

Zero Downtime With I2R’s Reliable Off Grid Solution

June 5, 2024