I2R Turnkey Solutions - MCC Upgrade to Leeton-Sewer-Treatment-Plant
Client's Challenge

The Leeton Sewage Treatment Plant plays a vital role in managing sewage effluent in Leeton Shire.

However, their infrastructure, particularly the main switchboard, was not compliant with current standards, and risk of power failure needed to be addressed. 

One of the main challenges of the upgrade is to keep the Sewer Treatment Plant operational during the 14-day changeover. 

Our Solution: Enhanced Control and Efficiency

The project involves thorough planning, execution, and implementation of a new 315kVA pole mount transformer, a new main switchboard and motor control centre (MCC), integrating local HMI and remote SCADA access and control as well as power factor correction and active harmonic filtering as per specifications.

Following the installation, the treatment plant will experience enhanced operational efficiency and reliability.

The upgraded main switchboard and motor control centre (MCC) ensure seamless control and monitoring, minimising downtime and maximising productivity for Leeton Sewer Treatment Plant.

Leeton Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade »
Leeton Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade »
Project Overview

Planning & Design Phase: 

  • Onsite visit, project planning and management
  • Create a customised site design and implementation plan
  • Schedule weekly project status updates to keep client informed

Manufacturing Phase: 

  • Develop custom SCADA and PLC program
  • Switchboard manufacture to comply with Australian standards
  • Conduct rigorous testing through our FAT process
  • Provide testing reports and solutions analysis

Installation & Commissioning Phase: 

  • Install new consumer mains, flooring, air conditioning
  • Install fibre cables, generator, MSB/MCC, AHF, SVAR
  • Manage and coordinate site changeover including temporary power to ensure no downtime  
  • Provide detailed site acceptance testing and commissioning plans
  • Provide 24/7 support and ensure seamless commissioning


Training Phase: 

  • Deliver operator training in accordance with an approved training plan

Ongoing Support: 

  • Deliver all documentation to LSC in accordance with the approved project plan
  • Conduct site inspections and commence with warranty period.

Leeton Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade »
Leeton Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade »
I2R's Capabilities

This project highlights our commitment to delivering tailored solutions and project managing meeting all quality standards, safeguarding critical infrastructure, and fostering operational efficiency. 

Leeton Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade

July 8, 2024