Rockwell Automation Fair #ROK23 in Boston

The Rockwell Automation Fair in Boston stands as the biggest global event in industrial automation and digital transformation.

Their goal is to unite industrial automation experts and leaders with immersive experiences featuring inspiring speakers, insightful sessions, keynotes, hands-on training and numerous networking opportunities.

This year our Managing Director, Michael, and Automation Delivery Manager, Jean, were given the opportunity to attend the four-day conference. 

The eight-day trip to Boston was expertly coordinated by the team at NHP and included key staff from both NHP and Rockwell Automation, along with 33 additional customers from a wide range of automation and manufacturing businesses.

Their agenda was jam-packed with networking functions and inspiring workshops focusing on resiliency, sustainability, and innovative technologies aimed at optimising operations.

In this article, we present a collection of the most inspiring speakers and explain why they made an impact on our team. 

Most Inspiring Speakers and Workshops
Engaging with Future Technologies at #ROK23 Rockwell Automation Fair »
Empowering Innovation: Enhancing Lives through Invention

The standout speaker of the trip for both Michael and Jean was Dean Kamen, the founder of DEKA Research & Development and FIRST.

“If we can turn math, science, engineering, and inventing into something as exciting and accessible as bouncing a ball, we’re going to get millions of kids—particularly women and minorities—to at least come take a look at science.”

– Dean Kamen – Founder of FIRST

“The way he tries to involve the young people with FIRST is definitely a source of inspiration, especially with the current contexts. He demonstrated that technology has the power to unite us all, transcending any conflicts or wars.” said Jean.

“His passion for inventing things that make people’s lives better was inspirational, and he is now trying to inspire young people to follow his lead and think outside the box. That really aligns with our values at I2R and our goals for building new career paths for students and inclusivity for females in manufacturing and automation,” said Michael.

Dean’s keynote left a lasting impression on both Michael and Jean.

Engaging with Future Technologies at #ROK23 Rockwell Automation Fair »
Driving Digital Quality with Management Systems 

Jean’s top-rated session delved into Quality Management System, focusing on FMEA and DFME. These are tools that help to analyse and identify possible failures in a design, a manufacturing or assembly process step-by-step. 

While these systems are primarily applicable to manufacturing, it sparked valuable insights on integrating it to I2R’s existing quality processes: iemphasised the importance of actively sharing insights across the entire business, ensuring they’re not merely stored in a database but actively utilised.

It is important to actively share analytical insights across the entire business to ensuring active utilisation.”

– Jean Blans, Automation Delivery Manager, I2R Group

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Address Challenges through Tailored Solutions and Staff Training

Michael’s standout session was the presentation by Faith Technologies, a division of Faith Technologies Incorporated (FTI). They have been redefining what’s possible since 1972 and have recently attained the Gold Partner status within the Rockwell PartnerNetwork.

FTI is an energy expert and a national leader in automation solutions, electrical planning, engineering, and installation based in Wisconsin, USA.

Their story detailing their journey over the last 50 years towards becoming a billion-dollar business, achieved by tailoring their services to address customer challenges, truly inspired Michael.

Faith Technologies’ strategy of growing in tandem with customers and consistently investing in staff development aligns with the ethos at I2R.”

– Michael Johns, Managing Director, I2R Group

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Empowering Women in the Automation Industry

One of our key initiatives at I2R is to increase gender equality within the workplace. Earlier this year we hosted the ‘Girls Can Too’ workshop at I2R organised and delivered by the Regional Industry Education Partnership. This innovative program aims to introduce female high-school students to careers in traditionally male-dominated trades and connect them with trade employers. 

This initiative lead Michael to attend the Women in Manufacturing lunch session. It became a highlight of his trip.

“To hear stories from the female panelist on what helped them make their way in the manufacturing industry was very insightful. Females are massively under-represented at I2R, and we are determined to change this.

The best take-away line for me as a male was “don’t try to be a saviour, be an enabler!

– Michael Johns, Managing Director, I2R Group

Engaging with Future Technologies at #ROK23 Rockwell Automation Fair »
Personal Highlights from the Trip

Michael and Jean’s fondest personal memory of Boston? Cycling through the city and strolling through Harvard University. 

“It felt like we were reliving our student days, moving from MIT to Harvard. It nearly sparked the desire in me to return to studying!”

– Jean Blans, Automation Delivery Manager, I2R Group

Engaging with Future Technologies at #ROK23 Rockwell Automation Fair »
A special 'Thank You' to NHP

We would like to give a special thanks to NHP – Electrical Engineering Products for this amazing opportunity and for coordinating this trip.

“A special thanks goes to NHP team members Mark Pattison, Matthew Tomlins, Vincent Bowman, and Ben Soutter for making this an incredible experience.

– Michael Johns and Jean Blans

The Future of Automation is Here. Are You ready?

This event not only inspired our team, but also underscored the significance of leveraging cutting-edge technology to propel our business and improve customer outcomes.

At I2R Group, we are proudly one of Australia’s leading automation and process control partners and have a solid track record in delivering effective process and control solutions across the country.

We’re here to help you with your next project.

Engaging with Future Technologies at #ROK23 Rockwell Automation Fair

November 20, 2023