Client's Challenge

A reputable provider of protein-based solutions in Australia sought assistance from I2R due to substantial challenges with their network infrastructure. These issues were causing disruptions in the cook tank room, a crucial operational area that demands uninterrupted functionality.

Automation and Network Audit

During our automation and network audit, we identify any potential risks with the current system and present recommendations to address these risks. After visiting the processing plant, we provided our findings in a detailed audit report that includes all the essential information to understand the potential upgrades and associated costs for their current network and automation infrastructure. 

Thorough Onsite Audit

The first step of our audit involves a comprehensive onsite review by our automation engineering and installation team, covering all automation and network devices.

This includes:

– checking ethernet switches
– testing the length of all network cables
– mapping out devices
– examining IP addresses
– ensuring automation backups

Automation and Network Architecture Audit for Increased Reliability »

Report Creation 

After conducting the onsite audit we used the Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB) tool to address these risks and create alternative solutions that align with the client’s goals and industry standards. Our main objective was to provide cost-effective recommendations to address some of the pain points the customer was experiencing. We presented cost estimates for each design and concluded our report by highlighting the most recommended options. Finally, we scheduled a meeting to discuss our findings and solutions in person.

The report we created included the following:
– A detailed floor plan of the building showing the existing panels and ethernet connections.
– A visualisation of the current network layout.
– Details of the recommended network architecture and hardware upgrades.
– Pros and cons for all proposed upgrade options
– Detailed Costings for all proposed upgrade options

Automation and Network Architecture Audit for Increased Reliability »
Outcomes & Benefits

Our recommended solution was to install multiple dedicated networks for the plants automation infrastructure with redundancy, and upgrade the existing hardware to mitigate risks to their network and automation systems. 

Additionally, we recommend installing a new Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). This newer model offers more reliability and stores critical functions for operating the cook tank room. 

This solution would improve the network and automation reliability, improving productivity.

Reliable Network and Automation Solutions

This project showcases I2R’s expertise in delivering reliable and comprehensive network and automation solutions, enabling clients to minimise operational risks.


Complete design of a new automation/internet architecture.


1.5 months (as scheduled)


Dane Pasquetti
Electrical Service Manager Onsite audit 

Jean Blans
Project Manager
Onsite Audit + Report

Mark Nardi
F&B Development Manager
Final quotation for option 2

Automation and Network Architecture Audit for Increased Reliability

December 20, 2023