I2R’s Sebastian Zanotto has recently completed his Gold Certification in Ignition from Inductive Automation’s Inductive University.

Sebastian Zanotto, a valued member of the I2R team, has recently achieved a significant milestone by completing his Gold Certification in Ignition from Inductive Automation’s Inductive University. This accomplishment is a testament to Sebastian’s dedication and expertise in the field of Ignition SCADA.

Reflecting on the certification process, Sebastian found the test to be an excellent challenge, even for someone with extensive experience using Ignition. The certification forced him to be creative and utilise all of Ignition’s features to achieve the required outcomes, showcasing the comprehensive nature of the test.

We have an extract from a quick Q&A session with Sebastian about his achievement:

How was the certification process for you? 

  • I found the certification test to be great, it offered a reasonable challenge even after using ignition for many years
  • It forces you to be creative and use all that Ignition has to offer to achieve the required outcome


How has this accreditation helped you within your role and how has it helped service I2R customers?

  • Further deepen my understanding of Ignition SCADA and its various design tools/features, making me a more valuable asset to the team.
  • Demonstrates my expertise and proficiency in using Ignition SCADA.
  • Advanced troubleshooting skills, enabling me to identify and resolve issues quickly and efficiently, which can lead to increased productivity and reduced downtime.
  • Allows me to customise solutions to better align with your customers’ unique requirements, providing them with more tailored and efficient systems.
  • Gives customers the confidence and reinforces their trust in my ability to support them effectively.
  • Allows I2R to work more closely with Inductive Automation (Developers of the Ignition SCADA software) which could result in potentially new customers and advanced support/training.


I2R continues to see the benefits of using Ignition SCADA. It gives our team the ability to create and deploy an Ignition server in a matter of minutes and connect to most common automation devices seamlessly. Ignition’s treatment of SQL databases as a first-class citizen rather than an afterthought has been a game-changer within our industry. Its ability to easily capture, filter, and display data in real-time for troubleshooting, analysis, and reporting purposes is unmatched.

The development environment in Ignition is highly adaptable and offers a wide range of functionality in both the Vision and Perspective modules. Features such as allowing multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously and having any changes to the project instantly reflected in the running system enable rapid development and integration into customer processes. This results in less downtime for the customer and more efficiency for the integrator.

I2R Team Member Earns Gold Certification in Ignition from Inductive University

July 9, 2024